Fields of research

(Legal) History of Universities

– anti-Semitism at universities
– Austrian universities in the 19th and 20th centuries

The Viennese Faculty of Law and State

– The Viennese Faculty of Law and State 1938-1945
– The implementation and development of the „Staatsprüfungen“ (state exams for civil service) in the 19th century
– The constitutional law at the Viennese Faculty between 1918 and 1938
– The foundation of the “University Institute of Criminological Sciences and Criminalistics“ and its developement

Public Services Law and Disciplinary Law at the Viennese University between 1848 and 1938

– Legal provisions on the organisation and structure of the University of Vienna
– Women at the Viennese University

Research on (Academical) Networks:

–  „Deutscher Klub“
–  „Deutsche Gemeinschaft“